Examples of Social Narratives for Visitors

Examples of Social Narratives for Visitors

This resource highlights examples of social narratives that have been developed by cultural institutions across the New York metro area and have been used by visitors who have autism, their family members, and educators in preparation for their visit. Some cultural institutions offer social narratives, step-by-step descriptive stories in the first-person, to help visitors who have autism spectrum disorder, as well as their caregivers and educators, prepare for their visit and know what to expect. The social narratives break down the visitor experience and use a combination of photographs, symbols, and text to communicate each step in the process, from entering the museum, purchasing a ticket, and encountering security guards to instructions for viewing exhibitions and participating in special programs.

View the examples of social narratives below and click here for tips on creating social narratives for visits to your cultural institution.

Examples of Social Narratives

A social narrative designed for independent visitors who have autism spectrum disorder.

A social narrative for school group visits of the New York Transit Museum for students with autism.

Social narratives for Independent Family Visits with Children, Teens, and Adults with ASD, Guided School Tour Visits, and the Discoveries Program.

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